Friday, February 10, 2017

Airports and airplanes

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After that dejecting end to last year’s affairs, I picked myself up and look forward to kicking off the new year with a long awaited holiday in Malaysia.

Nathan was bursting with excitement over the adventure of flying on an airplane. Grace was just excited that she could pack ‘real stuff’ in her very own backpack to carry. We borrowed this book which we read umpteen times in anticipation of the trip.

I have to confess I am not a big fan myself of airports and airplanes myself. Not that I suffer from any kind of phobia or travel sickness. I just find the long waits and upright seating uncomfortable. But the delight and enthusiasm of my two little animated travellers is highly contagious. I couldn’t help having the buzz of their excitement rub off me a bit.


I must say travelling with the kids now is so much easier than before, now that I no longer have lug around a monster-sized bag of nappies, wipes and assortment of baby paraphernalia. No more worrying over fighting for a bassinet seat or making special meal requests for baby food. The kids can now carry their own little backpacks to bring along their crayons, notebooks and snacks. And thankfully they’ve always been terrific travellers, always smiley and charming to the flight attendants, no crying or whinging during take-offs and landings, no complaining of being bored or impatient during waiting times. So I can’t complain.

More anecdotes and photos from our holiday to come!

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