Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Monthly play roundup: Food, glorious food!

At our place, we love playing with food. So here’s a quick roundup of some of the fun foodie things we’ve been up to lately…

~ Enjoying classic fruits in new and unusual ways ~

Fruit kebabs ~ the kids helped me to arrange them on the kebab sticks, anything seems to taste better when it’s on a stick // Mini apple cars ~ with toothpicks to hold the grape wheels in place

IMG_20160531_135015 IMG_20160518_134040

~ Pancake monster faces ~

We created own monster faces with various fruit pieces on pancake ‘faces’.
This was also an extension from the ‘Go Away Big Green Monster’ activity we did previously.

IMG_20160531_133127 Collage 2016-05-31 13_27_41

~ Freshly baked pretzels ~

Sometimes as an alternative to play dough, I whip up a batch of bread or pretzel dough for the children to ‘play with’ and come up with their own real edible creations to eat for morning tea.

IMG_20160531_135248 IMG_20160531_135358

~ Homemade calzones ~

Calzones are just a variation of our favourite homemade pizzas. The only difference is that the dough is folded over to make a sort of ‘pizza dumpling’ and then baked in the oven with all the ingredients tucked inside. This is another great way to encourage children to eat their veggies.

IMG_20160531_133540 IMG_20160531_133711

~ Sweet Treat ~
And sometimes for a treat (or when Nathan begs me to), I mix up a batch of gingerbread men dough for the kids to decorate. And then they can pretend to be the sly fox who gobbles them up.

IMG_20160531_212548 IMG_20160531_135750


If you enjoyed this post, you can check out last month’s roundup of activities and more of my other play and learning ideas. Stay tuned for next month’s roundup!

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