Wednesday, May 25, 2016

All mine

I sometimes feel bad for my baby girl being our second child. Right from the start, our attention (though not our love) would often have to be divided with another sibling already in the family. And of course on most days of the week, mummy’s attention would often have to be shared between other ‘adopted siblings’ in our family day care.

Of course she never complains. How could she? In her mind, this is the way things are and always have been. And she’s perfectly happy and content being surrounded by other little ones to play with and share our love with.

At the start of the year, one of the ‘new’ things I decided to do was to scale back my work hours. It was a difficult decision to make considering the current financial circumstances, economic climate and individual circumstances of some families. But I think it was the right decision to make in our present season of life.

Many people have been asking me how I’ve been enjoying having my Fridays off. And I tell them it’s so good. I no longer frequently have that ‘burnt-out’ feeling at the end of the week. The weekends feel more relaxed instead of being packed to brim with running errands and shopping for groceries.

But my favourite thing about Fridays is being able to spend some solid uninterrupted time with this little girl…


As her baby years slowly slip away, I know I will regret it if I don’t look for every opportunity I can to just soak up her baby-ness before it disappears forever.

Last Friday was just one of those perfect, uneventful, leisurely days spent together——with just the two of us.

A slowly leisurely morning walk around the neighbourhood after dropping big brother Nathan off at school. No rush. No hurry. Taking the time to examine every interesting leaf or flower along the way.

A chilled out mid-morning story time session at the library. Just sitting together listening to the stories being read aloud. Taking our time over the craft activity. Reading a book or two together before choosing which ones to take home.

A relaxed stroll through the grocery aisles at the shops together. Gracie contentedly munching away on a juicy pear and pointing out the various items on display. Occasionally asking to stop to examine a particularly interesting object that catches her attention.

A late morning stop at the park on the way home. Running around to explore every nook and corner. Taking time to try out every feature of the playground equipment. Rounding off the morning with a picnic lunch together.

Then finally home for a story and a nap.

For a few precious hours…

She can have mummy all to herself.

And my baby can be all mine.

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