Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Summery Bubbly Birthday Party

Sorry for the long hiatus. If you are a blogger, I’m you sure you’d know that any form of quietness in the online space just means we are busy doing stuff and living life.

Lots of news and updates to share. But first up, some snippets of Nathan’s big five birthday party bash. I wanted to have a really relaxed, chilled-out party. Just a chance for Nathan’s friends to pop over for a play.

We had the party at the neighbourhood playground just around the corner from our house. Lots of space for the kids to run about, a chance to soak in the lovely summer weather and with minimal post-party clean-up effort.

For the cake, to keep things easy and low-fuss, I put together a ‘doughnut’ cake. We picked up a couple dozen doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. I stacked them up together and added a few birthday embellishments. And there you go. A celebratory cake for our birthday cake! It was terrific because we didn’t have to worry about cutting it up and portioning it up onto plates wit forks and so on. After the birthday candles were blown, everyone could just grab a piece and dig in!


I set up a goodie bag station for all the kids to mix and match their own goodie bag. So it also doubled up as another activity to keep them all occupied. And I think the kids liked having a sort of sense of ownership of choosing the items they wanted to go in their bag.


So far for Nathan’s parties, I always aim to plan one main party activity. Last year it was lollipops. This year it was all about BUBBLES!


I set up a big bubble station with an assortment of bubble blowers and wands, straws, containers, ‘make your own bubble wand’ section with chenille craft pipecleaners, plus a mega-sized tub full of homemade bubble solution for the kids to refill their cups as much as they liked.


The (almost) unlimited supply of bubble solution allowed the kids the freedom to experiment with all sorts of new ways to explore and play with bubbles. Blowing the bubble solution with straws was an especially popular experiment.


I threw in some buckets, spades and scoops on the sand at the playground area and then it was party time! I think it turned out to be the relaxed, chilled out party I wanted. The air filled with bubbles floating all around, with the kids chasing bubbles and running back and forth between the playground, sand toys and bubble station.


My other favourite special touch at the party were these bottled water drinks a.k.a. ‘melted snow’. What do you think? I put them together myself with the help of these lovely stickers from Stickerkid.


So there you go, just a quick glimpse of some of the little things that have been keeping me occupied lately. All for my favourite little guy.

Happy birthday Nathan! Love you always and forever.


Monday, December 21, 2015

Stickerkid review plus a special discount code

It’s that time of the year again… school is out and holiday season is here! I’ve been knee deep in year-end holiday season mode, clearing off all my outstanding paperwork and assignments before the end of the year, Christmas shopping and gift wrapping, planning Nathan’s birthday party.

Before long, it will soon be time to start up my engines again preparing for the new school year. That means shopping for school supplies, books, stationery, uniforms.

If you are a parent of a school-aged child, you would know that one of the most arduous tasks is labelling every single school item with your child’s name. From school bags, lunch boxes and drink bottles, to school hats, shirts, jackets, even shoes.

So it was good timing that I received this opportunity from Stickerkid to try out some of their most popular essential sticker packs.

I jumped onto their website and selected the colours and designs I wanted for each type of sticker and customised the stickers with the specific names and font styles. I liked the wide array of colours and fonts as well as the little icons and pictures to add on as embellishments.

The stickers I selected included: one pack of 60 small stickers, 20 clothing stickers and 14 shoe stickers. They arrived in a neat little envelope, enclosed in a colourful flyer with a set of detailed care instructions.


I chose a bright orange colour for the small stickers for Nathan. The bright colour should make it easy to spot his school items. I put it to use immediately on his recess/lunch box and drink bottle. They are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. They’ve already been through the dishwasher and microwave several times a week for the past month with not a trace of fraying or curling at the edges.


As you can see on Nathan’s drink bottle, dear old Spidey has been surviving frequent handling at school and play and undergone daily washings in the dishwasher. I’m not sure his image will survive another year, but I have a feeling the Stickerkid label will last ages longer than him.

Grace hasn’t started school yet so she doesn’t have many belongings that require labeling at this stage. But I decided to put her name down on the shoe stickers which are also versatile enough to use on other items as well, like her drink bottle which is the main portable item she takes with her everywhere she goes.


My personal favourite is the clothing label pack. On first glance they look and feel like any regular plain sticker. But once I ironed them on, they take on a soft texture and adhere on perfectly onto the fabric as if it was printed straight on the clothing itself. I couldn’t even detect or feel the edges of the labels once they were ironed on.

And the cool part is, the clothing labels are fully removable. All you need to do is to use your iron to heat it up and it come off without a trace. Which is great because Grace will be the next wearer of these uniforms once Nathan grows out of them.


The Stickerkid team also let me check out some of their ‘just for fun’ stickers. They had some special holiday designs featured on their website. I decided to customise these into some fun stickers for Nathan’s birthday party.


Et voila! Melted Snow (a.k.a. water). I thought it’s pretty cool and fun way to serve up water to kids. And they turned out to be the most popular drink at the party, even more than the juice boxes and carbonated drinks.


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(I received this product in exchange for a review but my opinions are completely genuine and honest)