Monday, November 02, 2015

Seven weeks to go and preserving my sanity

This is yet another ‘sorry’ post.

Sorry for the lack of updates and proper wordy posts sharing the deepest thoughts in my soul.

I am literally knee deep in my final batch of assignments to complete my Early Childhood Education studies. It’s been such a marathon year keeping up with all my assessments and projects for this course. These past few of weeks have been pretty intensive. Lots of writing and typing and squeezing of brain juices. By the end of it, I have barely any words or comprehensible thoughts left to spare for anything else.

Also, it recently hit me that there are only seven weeks until Christmas. SEVEN WEEKS!!! That’s seven weeks until the end of the year. Seven weeks until everything on my 2015 ‘To Do’ list needs to be checked off.

When should I start panicking?

There’s the Christmas shopping to do of course. Gifts for my day care kids. My own kids. School teachers. Some close friends and family members.  Various Christmas party Secret Santa gift exchanges. From a big picture perspective, I loathe the commercialism of the whole thing. But the underlying important thing for me is an opportunity to show my love and appreciation to the people that matter in my life. And whether I buy it or make it myself, it’s still stuff I need to get done.

Then there’s Nathan’s birthday party. I always prefer to keep our celebrations fairly casual and low key. But Nathan has a long list of friends he wants to invite. So I’m still trying figure this one out.

And I think it would be nice to have a simple Christmas get-together thing for the families of the children I look after. The children are in close proximity with each other almost every day, but the parents rarely have an opportunity to connect or chat due to their different drop-off and pick-up times each day.

Also, hubby’s folks are flying over for a visit and to attend a wedding. So we’ll be playing host to them while they are here. So that’s another week.

Not forgetting getting through my final assignments before the end of the year. Can’t dodge this one for sure. I still have a big project to make an outdoor play space featuring use of recycled materials.

Some of the things that are helping to preserve my sanity at this present time

A regular dose of chocolate on the side…DSC07726

Heaps and heaps and oodles of cuddles…DSC07816 (2)

Deeply important and serious discussions about Lego…DSC07796

Revisiting photos of favourite memories with loved ones…


And random funnies from the little humans under my care like this one…

H: Airplane!
Grace: Where?
H: Airplane in sky.
Serene: Yes, I see the airplane.
J: Oh! Alien!
Serene: Where is the alien?
J: Up in the sky!
Grace: YA!!! Alien!!!
Serene: Oh, I wonder what do aliens like to play?
J: Alien like play football!
Serene: Football? Really?
Grace: Ya! They kick the ball! Like this!
(demonstrates alien kick)
Serene: And what would you tell the alien?
Grace: I give alien the ticket!
Serene: What will the alien do with the ticket?
Grace: He give the money!
Serene: Oh I see. And what do you think aliens like to eat?
Grace: Alien like to eat carrots!
J: Alien eat pasta!
Grace: And chocolates! And sweets!
Serene: Wow, this alien is very hungry.
J and Grace: YA!!! Alien so hungry! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Funny how sometimes it’s the insane stuff that keeps us feeling sane.

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