Thursday, September 03, 2015

Brothers and Uncles (plus a few cool links)

Was looking through some photos today and just had to share these favourite photo moments of my kids with their uncles…

DSC07293 (2)



“Only the BEST brothers
get promoted
to an UNCLE”
Reminded me of this very famous uncle from an old favourite sitcom…
Here are some interesting reads and fun links I thought were pretty cool…
Famous cast silhouettes quiz (how did you score?)
Reading these notes broke my heart.
The true gritty secret to success.

This video clip blew my mind.
How cool are these convertible handbags?
My four-year-old has a dark side.
And this deeply intriguing article about Alice in Wonderland and Imaginary Mathematics—-which I learnt was a real thing. It’s a little long but I think it is quite worth the read.

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