Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spiderman and Princess Elsa

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Real life conversations with the two small humans in our household…
(Nathan - four years old; Grace - 20 months old)

Grace: Oh! What noise?
Mummy: I think that’s a bird.
Grace: Bird! Bird!
Nathan: That’s not a bird. That’s a pterodactyl.
Mummy: I don’t think that’s a pterodactyl. They lived in the time of the dinosaurs. So they are all extinct now.
Nathan: What’s a ‘stink’?
Mummy: Extinct means that they have all died out. So there are no more pterodactyls any more.
Nathan: What about the dinosaurs?
Mummy: Yeah, dinosaurs are extinct too.
Nathan: Like the dragons?
Grace: Gagen!
Mummy: Dragons are pretend creatures. They live in our imagination.
Nathan: I wish I had a ‘magition’.
Mummy: You do have an imagination. It’s whatever you think about in your mind. Like all your favourite stories you like to think about and tell me.
Nathan: And like the stories in our books?
Grace: Book!
Mummy: Yes, that’s right.
Nathan: I wish I could live in a book.
Mummy: Yes you can. You can just think about it in your imagination. When you go to sleep tonight, just think about one of your favourite books and go inside the story. Like ‘Traction Man’…
Nathan: (eyes gleaming) Traction Man! Yeah!
Mummy: Or Batman…
Nathan: Yeah!
Mummy: Or Spiderman…
Grace: ‘pider!
Nathan: Yeah! Spiderman! But, what if the Green Goblin tries to catch me?
Mummy: Well you are Spiderman, so you can use your webshooters to shoot him and tie him up!
Nathan: Haha! Yes I can!
Mummy: That’s right.
Nathan: I like my ‘magition’.
(…Thoughtful Pause…)
Grace: Look, mummy! Fozen!


[Spiderman costume and Princess Elsa t-shirt given by their loving grandparents in Sabah]


  1. So what happened after Princess Elsa said, "Frozen! ". Was there a conversation on making ice, ice skating, castles etc...?

    1. Haha, her conversations are not that sophisticated yet. But she can carry on for quite a bit going over her favourite character in the movie... Elsa, Anna, Olaf...

  2. Been awhile since I been here, conversations with kids are always interesting aren't they. And we have that Spiderman suit too. Hope all is well!

    1. They're always surprising aren't they? And I bet there's lots of action around the house whenever that costume makes an appearance!


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