Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Picnic Dinner

I often like to serve the children’s meals outside. The food seems to taste yummier when eaten outdoors, it saves on clean up time, and it’s simply just good fun.

So on Saturday evening, after a long lazy day indoors, I put together a simple meal of sandwiches and some fruit, popped everything into a basket and handed it to the kids along with a picnic mat and told them that was their dinner. They whooped excitedly and ran out to the yard and set everything down excitedly. Then I left them to it.

I kept an eye on them through the window. I half expected them to fool around or get up to silly tricks like hiding the food. But surprisingly, they managed themselves pretty well being left on their own. They chilled out together, munched on their sandwiches and fruit and enjoyed the evening summer breeze.

After they polished off the plate, I surprised them with two cookies apiece. Ah, this is the life!



  1. This is life indeed! Nathan is really enjoying himself. Grace, as usual is serious where food is concerned :-) M

    1. Actually it turned out Nathan took the food more seriously than Grace. But between the two of them, they polished every bit of food in the basket :)


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