Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Milk, cookies and some fun links

The best thing about coming home from school: Afternoon tea!

Valentines’ Day cookies Grace and I made for Nathan while he was at school. Washed down with cold milk outside in the yard with a couple of his favourite people in the world.




Valentines’ Day cookies made using my favourite gingerbread cookie recipe

25 ways to ask kids “So how was school today?
(I’ve been asking Nathan these three questions after school)

Are you the default parent or the back-up parent?

Tips on how to get rid of your anger from a seven year old.

I would get a shirt with French cuffs just to be able to wear these cufflinks.

The surprising faces behind 31 Disney Villains.


  1. Happy kiddos!

    Aah..I like the links. Thanks Serene :) I have been trying to ask my daughter every day about school but I kind of ran out of ideas on what to ask. Hehe.

    1. Thanks Ayuni! I'm glad you enjoyed the links. I always like to know if others also enjoy the things I've found amusing and interesting as I did. I liked all those ideas on ways to probe for more details about school from the kids. Hope it helps you out in your post-school conversations with your daughter!


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