Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Little Chomper (Part 2)

(Grace: circa 18-19 months)

I’ve mentioned a couple of times about the little chomper in our household. After all this time, it’s evident that this little ‘quirk’ of our baby girl has not changed one bit…

DSC_1652 DSC_1747

I usually try to serve meals in ‘courses’. For several reasons. One is to make sure that a decent amount of vegies get consumed. And two is to avoid the situation depicted above from happening. Doesn’t always help though. The moment this girl catches sight of the next item on the menu, she will stuff everything on her plate into her mouth and hold out her hand for “Moooooh, pish!!!”. Somehow she manages to muffle the words out.

Grace 4 (taken by Jonathan Ng 28.12.14)

The aftermath of each meal is not a pretty sight. After wiping down her hands, arms, clothes, face, ears, hair and every chubby nook and cranny imaginable, we might as well have plunged her straight into the tub for a bath.


That’s our girl. A born foodie!

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