Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Update on our revolutionary little reading corner

So last year when I was setting up my home for my family day care, I implemented this simple but life-changing tip on organising children’s books. Which resulted in the revolution and evolution of our reading corner.


This little scene above has become almost a spontaneous daily post-dinner ritual with our own two little ones. After dinner once we’ve cleared the dishes, right on cue these two head over to this corner, pull out a book (or two or three) and just read quietly to themselves.

This corner is also well-loved and well-used by all the other children that come to our place throughout the day. It’s an ideal little ‘getaway’ corner when a little one just needs some quiet time on their own to chill out and reset.

So slowly, I’ve been adding more little touches to make the corner more comfy and cosy. And hubby also insisted on the addition of an LED reading light at the corner, because good lighting is important for reading of course. It’s not the fanciest reading corners like the ones on Pinterest, but the children seem to like it all the same.

I’m so glad that I found this brilliant way to pass on my love of books and reading to my kids.

(P.S. A quick glimpse of the various ‘little corners’ of my family day care set up when I first started)


  1. Awwww..Its good that your children have that reading ritual after dinner..I think I should do it with mine too. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

    1. Hi Ayuni, yes the reading ritual thing is really one of the surprising things that came about for us too. I'm not sure if it's a foolproof method, but definitely putting books in a prime, comfy spot might potentially help set the 'honey' to attract the bees ^_^


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