Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Moral support


The other day, Nathan had to do some penance for a particular crime we had warned him against before: i.e. using the wall as an art canvas. At four years old, it was too easy to let him off with just a once-off punishment. So he was made to scrub every single mark he had made completely clean.

I let him use my expensive microfiber cleaning cloths for the job, so it was not that impossible a task. But it was definitely a bit of a tedious process.

When Grace woke up from her nap, she couldn’t understand why her big brother was not ready to play with her as usual. But I think she figured that this was some new game he had come up with. So she grabbed a piece of tissue and pitched right in. I don’t think she made any real practical progress, but the moral support she provided is what every (little) man needs during his low times.


Little Sister
by Wendy Silva

My sister can be annoying, everything
I do she wants to do it too
It’s hard to have a little sister who
wants to be like you.

She follows me around the house
and wants to play pretend.
”I’m too big for that,” I say,
but I’ll always be your friend.

“Go away and play,” I have
important things to do.
Then before I knew it, my
little sister grew.

I remember so many great times we
shared and wish that we had more.
Creating wonderful memories that will
withstand time, that’s what friends are for.




Grace 6 (taken by Jonathan Ng 28.12.14){ Last photo courtesy of our friend Jonathan Ng }


P.S. Nathan’s little shadow, Grace’s first laugh with her big brother, and Nathan meeting his little sister for the very first time.


  1. aww aren't they just the sweetest

    1. One moment they drive me nuts, but the next moment utter sweetness. Sigh.


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