Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Flipping perspectives

You can probably guess that I’m still somewhat in the holiday mode and still trying to catch on various things on my plate. So today I thought I’d direct you over to a friend’s place if you’re after something good to read. It’s not entirely random as it’s actually sort of connected to an earlier post I had written before on the topic of ‘sharing’.

The post I wrote on that topic could be construed as somewhat controversial as I gave my honest viewpoints on the misuse of the term ‘sharing’. I wrote that real sharing should be about collaborating or finding a fair solution that benefits the whole group. But often what happens when we ask a child to share something is that they are forced to give up that item simply because the adult tells them to.

I believe I kept the post pretty factual but perhaps there was still a slightly pessimistic tone to the post simply because my focus in the post was about what we should not do.

Then one of my dearest friends did the unexpected. Although if you know her, it’s actually not very unexpected for her to do what she did.

She pondered over some of the thoughts I shared and turned it completely around.

Simply put, it’s not just about what we should not do. But what what we should do.

I tend to be someone who is all about upholding justice and championing rights. Which are not wrong of course. Justice should be upheld. Rights should be protected--my own, as well as others who need it.

But I realise that there is also another higher calling. Beyond justice, codes of conduct and fair play.

And the answer is: LOVE.

Love that compels us to give up our rights, advantages, dominion, priorities, benefits, dibs for the sake of another.

Beside it, all other things seem hollow and pale in its light.

So please read my friend’s post. Especially if you have read my earlier one on the whole sharing issue. The flip side to everything I wrote about.

by the waters: Cast your love



  1. My dearest Serene, Your words blessed me so much today. Your first post was definitely helpful, and your stories stirred up the Mama Bear in me. I have felt those very emotions, desiring justice for my boys (and other not as noble thoughts). Thank you for voicing your thoughts, I really appreciate having a friend to process these new phases in life (even if you are thousands of miles away).

    1. Only you would think of the higher call to rise beyond this. I am humbled by the alternative perspective you shared.


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