Wednesday, November 12, 2014

DIY magnet shapes from old magnetic calendars



A couple of weeks ago, I had posted this snapshot of these set of magnetic shapes I made on my Instagram.  I received a few curious questions on how I made them.

In a nutshell, they were made from recycling some old magnetic calendars and business cards --the kind you often receive from  real estate agents and local businesses promoting their services. So I thought I post up a simple tutorial for you to show you how I made them.

Magnetic calendars and business cards*
Modge podge or decoupage glue**
Coloured paper
Brush or sponge

*If you do not have any magnetic calendars or business cards around, you can always buy magnetic paper sheets from office supplies or stationery shops

**If you do not have modge podge, you can try this alternative option made from PVA glue and water.


Firstly, plan out the various shapes you would like to have for your magnetic shapes. If you are happy with the existing shapes and sizes of some of the business card magnets, you have leave them as they are. For the larger calendars, you might want to trim them down or cut out various shapes from them.

Select your coloured paper and trim them down to fit the shapes of your magnets.

Apply a layer of modge podge on the non-magnetic surface of the magnet shapes using a brush or sponge. Stick on the coloured paper, and check to make sure there are no air-bubbles in between.

Then apply another coat of modge podge over the coloured paper and leave aside to dry.

After they have dried, trim off any excess coloured paper around the edges of the magnet shapes.


These have been a popular addition to the magnet board in our play area. They get played with and rearranged at least once every single day. Even the little ones enjoy fiddling around with the shapes and exploring the effect of the magnets sticking onto the magnet board.



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  1. Hi Serene. Such a nice blog you have here, I discovered yours via Glam Mama :)

    This is a great idea for me and my daughter to make, I shall put this in my list.

    Keep on writing! :)

    1. Hello Ayuni! Thanks so much for popping over to say hi. Its great that connections like these can be made through these sort of bloggy link ups. I'm glad you liked this idea and I hope your daughter likes it too!

  2. Thanks for the tips, Serene :) So creative and reuse of materials.

    1. Hi Doreen! So glad you enjoyed this post. Just had so many of these old magnetic calendars and business cards crowding up our fridge and suddenly was inspired to do this. Recycling/re-purposing stuff is always terrific :)


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