Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Yet another ‘write your own book’ activity

One rainy morning, we decided to do some painting. Nathan was on a roll, producing painting, after painting, after painting…


After he had finished, we laid out his paintings across the floor to dry and sat back to admire his artwork. As Nathan talked about each painting, I started to see a common theme and pattern running through his pictures. I could see a story emerging.


So, adapting the same concept from our ‘Write your own book’ activity we did a couple of weeks back, I jotted down Nathan’s narrations of each painting, arranged them and bound them together to make a book.


This is Nathan’s favourite book he has written so far and often requests to read it together at bedtime. He has already asked if he could paint another story book. Well, it’s definitely a terrific way to fill up our little library.

P.S. More activities and play ideas.

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  1. Looking forward to listening to his story telling. :-) Po Po


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