Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Geometric shapes collage activity

This is a simple but really engaging activity I did with my kids recently. It provided a lot of scope for learning opportunities and creativity but was also lots of fun. So I thought it would be worth sharing.

Assortment of coloured paper
Plain white paper

Cut out geometric shapes of varying sizes from the coloured paper (squares, rectangles, triangles, circles etc.) and sort them into different containers. I chose to sort them by colour.

Lay out the plain white paper together with the containers of coloured shapes and the other supplies (glue/paste, scissors, crayons/markers/pencils). Then just let the kids dive in.


Allow the kids free hand to create anything they like out of the coloured shapes. I also cut out white circles and added a black dot in the middle for the children to use as eyes to add character to some of their creations.


Encourage the children to use the scissors to customise the coloured paper to whatever other sizes and shapes they like. They can also use the crayons/markers/pencils to add further detail to their creations.

Talk about the children’s creations together with them afterwards. Point out the different shapes they have chosen to use in their creations.


  1. we did this as an activity too for Shern's train birthday party, and it was a big hit among the kids!

    1. I remember that party, Shu-Yin. And I definitely was thinking about it as I was preparing this activity :)

  2. A cool idea Serene! WIll have to keep it in mind.


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