Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A simple outdoor activity: Nature Bracelets

Nature bracelets made by the kids

One thing I try to do every day with the kids is to get them outdoors. Whether it’s just in our backyard or taking a walk around the block or heading to the nearby playground/park together.

Last week, I decided to vary our usual walk with a very simple activity to help the kids focus a little bit more on their surroundings during our stroll.

Nature Bracelets
(Adapted from Centre for Childhood Creativity)

Supplies: masking tape or duct tape.

Wrap the tape around the child’s wrist with the sticky side out to create a sticky wristband.

Then go for a walk outside and encourage children to look for various nature items to decorate their bracelets with – small leaves, flower petals, twigs or bits of wood.

Talk about the objects they discovered, encourage children to describe the details on their objects. You can also discuss why some items (or living creatures) might be appropriate or not appropriate to stick on their wristbands.

This simple activity is a wonderful way to encourage the kids to slow down and observe their surroundings and focus on objects in the environment.

End Note: The kids loved their sticky wristbands so much, when we got home they asked for another wristband to create bracelets from coloured paper, stickers and craft items. I’m sure there are heaps of other ways to extend this simple little activity.

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