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What I miss and what I don’t

So this week would have marked my ‘official’ end to my maternity leave since having baby #2. Over the past year, I’ve gone through quite a journey and made some life changing decisions to embark on a new career and business of starting my own family day care.

I had finally tendered my formal resignation at my former company as a market research analyst. Although I knew what was going to happen, there was a sense of finality in that act. Like finally hearing the heavy thud of that door shutting behind me, never looking back and moving forward in my new venture.

People have asked me if I’d miss my previous line of work. The answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

So here is a round up of what I do miss, what I don’t and what I should miss but don’t about my previous job (which might also give you a little bit of insight on me).


Three things I DO miss

Creating awesome Excel analytical models and data sheets. At the of risk sounding like a brag, I have to say that I was pretty awesome at it. The data models I had created in my previous line of work were truly works of art and things of beauty. I would definitely miss the level of sophistication I was able to exercise my Excel skills.

Designing beautiful reports, charts, tables and data visualisations. Many of the reports I wrote would potentially end up in the hands of really top people in the industry. These people are often time poor and are constantly surrounded by many reports vying for their attention. So it was important to put forward a report that hit all the right buttons and delivered a big ‘wow factor’ for them.

Lunch dates with hubby. In my previous job, hubby and I happen to work just a couple of blocks away from each other. So we were able to commute to work together and meet up for lunch on my working days. It was so wonderful to be able to chat and catch up without the kids. It was like going out on a date every week without worrying about the children’s bedtime routines and babysitters.

One of the views from behind the dashboard on our drive to work

Three things I will NOT miss

Commuting to work. Morning rush. Traffic jams. Hunting for parking. I am sooo glad I no longer have to deal with all that any more.

Deciding what to wear each day. I’m really NOT into clothes and shopping. And I generally prefer to prioritise sleep over preening over my make-up in the mornings. I admire those girls that glide into the office each day looking all shiny and lovely in their perfectly accessorised outfits, picture perfect make-up and beautifully coifed hair.

Having to answer to someone else. I’m really thankful I’ve been blessed with very understanding and supportive bosses, who have allowed me flexibility in my work hours to balance my time between work and parenting. Nevertheless, I always had a twang of guilt each time I had clock out of work on the dot to pick my son up from day care. And I felt absolutely awful if I had to take a day off to look after my son if he was ill. So I really relish this newfound independence in my new career.


Three things I SHOULD miss but don’t

Client or boss commendations and plaudits. Yes, it’s always nice to get that pat on the back or to receive a glowing recommendation from a well satisfied client. It SHOULD be the key thing that keeps me motivated in my job. But the truth is, I’m just a ‘head down, get on with the job’ kind of person. After completing and delivering a project, I simply want to dust my hands off the old job and get on with the next one.

Water cooler chit chat. I do enjoy good conversations and catching up with the news throughout the day. But being time poor and having to leave on precision timing to pick my son up from day care each day, unfortunately I have little time to spare. I probably come off as seeming aloof and cold to some people for this reason. But it is the unfortunate reality for most working mums.

Beer o’clock. First of all, I’m not a big beer drinker. And second of all, with time being a precious commodity, this is unfortunately another luxury I’m rarely able to indulge in. Plus I’m not really good with small talk or playing the game of who can tell the most entertaining stories and anecdotes.

This new venture is indeed a tremendous career and life change. In many ways, it’s a harder job than previous one. But I believe that the decision I made is the right one and I think I’m already gaining deeper joy and satisfaction in this new calling.


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  1. Such an exciting time for you. Lots of luck with your new career. I'm sure you could still squeeze in the odd lunch date with hubby - although they might just have to be dinner dates from now on xx

  2. Congratulations on starting your own family daycare! What a wonderful experience this new opportunity will bring. I am sure you can work a few spreadsheets into the filling system xx

  3. Very exciting, would love to see how this list changes in 6 months time! I know when I wasn't working when I had Nick, I missed so many things, and craved that adult interaction - until I went back to work, then I decided adult interaction was overrated LOL! Wishing you all the very best in your new ventures! -Aroha (for #teamIBOT)

  4. I've extended my maternity leave for another year, but I don't think I can leave my baby girl to go back to work. I really want to stay at home with her but I wasn't quite ready to resign yet so I extended the leave so I have a backup incase I decide I do want to go back to work (although I don't think I will).

  5. So interesting to know what you used to do - now I can see why you are so good at running your own business, you are very organised and smart. I miss working out of the house, haven't done it in 6 years but there are perks with working from home too, eg not having to wear flash clothes every day!

  6. I've been lucky that I haven't really had to work much over the last 11 years. I did enjoy doing a bit last year, and when I finished, I found I missed the sense of accomplishment of getting something done. That doesn't often happen when you're a SAHM. When you get stuff done, it usually only stays done for a little while. :)


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