Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My little scavenger


One quiet morning, I decided to liven things up with a fun little activity. So I pulled together a simple scavenger hunt. I geared Nathan up with a scavenger hunt list, pen (to mark things off his list) and hunting sack. The hat was his own addition.


Here is our scavenger hunt list


- Something GREEN

- Something BLUE

- Something RED

- Something SOFT

- Something with WHEELS

- Something with letters (ABC) on it

- Something shaped like a BOX



I read out each item on the list for Nathan and explained what he had to do. I had to guide Nathan through the process for the first two items on the list. But he caught on pretty quick and was soon zipping around the house, collecting items and putting them into his ‘sack’.


The loot from our scavenger hunt

I think Nathan quite liked the activity. It definitely challenged his thinking and cognitive skills but also got him active and moving around. I plan to do an outdoor version next time round.

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  1. Such creative activity. Wished I had thought of it when my kids were young. :-(


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