Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Baby ‘learns’ how to play on the slide

After months of careful observation of the older kids around her, baby is absolutely convinced that this is the only way slides are meant to be played with…

My little stunt baby

My baby girl is just less than a month away from turning one. I don’t know why, but she still seems so baby-like and little to me. Maybe it’s simply because she is my second baby and she will always be the baby next to her big brother. I forget how much she is growing until she pulls a daredevil stunt like this…

“Hi, mummy!”

Oh baby, please slow down! You’re moving on too fast for me.


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  1. They grow so fast I wish they stayed little for just a bit longer!! What a cute daredevil!!

  2. Oh! Such a sweet pic of your girl, very precious!

  3. They do grow up too fast. My 4 and 1/2 year old still looks little to me and he is actually a really big boy for his age!

  4. Just adorable. My WW linkup is now open, if you have the time head over and add your link. :)

  5. Oh that cheeky we smile - just delightful!!

  6. Grace is too cute! Can't believe our babies will be one soon!


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