Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Watching the magic unfold

I am presently working on a longer post on ‘Independent Play’, so this is just a quick pop in to say “Hi” to everyone. In the meantime, here’s a little snippet from the piece I’m working on…

Sometimes while I’m bustling and hustling around the house or in the kitchen, I pause and look around and suddenly realise that the kids are not in sight.

I stand quietly for a moment, then tiptoe over to the play area, and gently peek my head around the corner.

I hold my breath;

And simply watch the magic unfold;

In their own little world.

Sometimes I am invited in.

Sometimes I simply stand outside as a privileged observer into this magical world…



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  1. I like to watch Lil Pumpkin play/sing/dance by herself too.. sometimes she'll invite me in when she catches me watching her but sometimes, she gets conscious of what she's doing and stops!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. I love sneaking looks at Dora playing imaginatively :) It warms my heart. It's sad that we become less imaginative as we get older, isn't it? :)

  3. Love this - as an adult i hated participating too much in this type of play but i LOVE watching and listening and learning from my girls - like Kaz said it is sad how much can be lost as we get older

  4. Bub plays with her toys by herself often and I just sit and watch her. She's started to pick up her books and flick through the pages. She also occasionally babbles away to her toys.

  5. Oh I jsut love love love when they are like this it is beautiful. I have to quietly watch them as I fear when I am spotted I am roped into play as they spend 3 days in daycare away from me so it is a treat to have mum play. I look forward to your post Serene !

  6. in their own little world, it's just so magical isn't it. Wonder when and where did we lose it?

  7. Only my boys seem to have great imagination play, I love watching them when they aren't looking - SO CUTE!

  8. Love this! It is rare to find Lior playing by himself, but I love, love, LOVE seeing him be so imaginative when he is playing independently!


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