Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Nathan the doodler

Nathan is really into drawing and doodling these days. It’s one of the regular quiet activities we do at rest time (which we implemented since he gradually started cutting down on his daily naps). I am quite amazed at the degree of focus and the level of detail he puts into each drawing at just three years old.

Nathan is really into doodling and drawing these days

He loves drawing fire engines. Lots of them. He has a basic formula he uses to draw each one: A rectangle for the body, four or five circles at the bottom for the wheels, a ladder with meticulously drawn rungs, and a fireman in front. Then he draws a big fire (that’s what the zig zag lines at the top of the page are) and the line is the long hose connected to the fire engine, shooting water out at the fire.

One of Nathan’s drawings: Can you see three fire engines
shooting water at the big fire at the top of the page?

Last Sunday morning, I woke up bleary eyed to Nathan’s bright little face smiling down at me. He held up one of his latest drawings and announced…

“Mum, look what I draw! It’s a story. Do you want me to tell you the story?”

I was feeling super sleep deprived, but I was curious what his illustrated story was about. So I consented.

“Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Little Red Riding Hood. One day she went for a walk in the wood. Suddenly she met a wolf and he ate her up! CHOMP. Then a dragon flew by and blew a big fire everywhere. So they called the fire engine... nee naw, nee naw. The fire engine came and it shoot the water to put out the fire. And they all lived happily every after. The End.”

I was definitely awake by the end of that exciting story. And then..

“Mummy, can I have some breakfast?”

Well, he certainly knows how to ease me into the day.


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  1. Aww how adorable is he!

  2. Great drawings and such a story teller. How wonderful to wake up to a story :)

  3. You have inspired me to get my 2.5yo writing more, he does love it, and my 4.5yo is a mad scribbler! Writing gives them such a great sense of imagination!

  4. My kids spend HOURS drawing whenever they can. I am amazed by their concentration. It's really good for them in so many ways.


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