Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Caterpillar update

In case some of you were wondering, our wriggly wiggly little caterpillar has now turned into a cocoon!


I’ve been finding the whole process very fascinating to watch myself. I was especially intrigued to observe the white filmy layer surrounding the cocoon itself. I guessed that the caterpillar first spins this filmy layer around itself as an initial protection before going on to spin the actual cocoon.


The children enjoyed examining the little cocoon. Things have quietened a bit in this department as there is not much ‘action’ happening at the moment. Just watching and waiting.

In the meantime, we’ve been reading the story about ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and doing some other activities related to the story like acting the story out with pretend fruits and stringing beads on pipe cleaners to make our own caterpillars.

Hope you’re having a lovely week.


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  1. Oh that is such a great experience for them, how long before butterfly arrives??

  2. Wow that is fascinating.
    I love the hungry caterpillar, one of my most favourite books!!

  3. They will be so excited when the butterfly emerges.
    We had silk worms a couple of years ago. The cacoons they made were so pretty. The moths came out layed eggs and then died within a few days! Boy could those caterpillars eat mulberry leaves!

  4. How cool is that Serene, will be so fascinating for the children to see the end result!

  5. What a fantastic activity to do with the kids! I've always love that book too :)

  6. I am totally fascinated by this Serene I love teaching kids about nature and how the world works. They are son inspiring.


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