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I love verge collection season

It’s the time of the year again in our area for folks in the neighbourhood to clear out unwanted at items from our homes for our council’s bulk refuse collection service.
I always find it interesting to see the different bits of trash and treasure along the verges in the neighbourhood. I have a bit of a scavenger streak in me, so my scavenging eyes spotted quite a few finds (all in surprisingly pretty good condition) as I was driving around. Big score for my family day care set up!



Please tell me I’m not the only one who scavenges around during verge collection season. Hubby was actually rather apprehensive about sharing my finds as people might think that we must be some cheap, mangy bogans living off other people’s trash.

What do you think? Is picking up items from verge collection considered a dark, dirty deed? Or should it be embraced as part of our local Aussie culture?
(P.S. We put out some items on our verge for collection too, and it was gone in a few hours on the same day. The neighbours must be watching us)

Images taken from my Instagram @livingserenely


  1. I love some of the treats you find at this time, Serene!
    We used to "shop" our neighbourhood, and were quite sad to find that when we moved, we'd be missing out. Where we live has free dump use instead of footpath collection, no way as much fun :(

  2. Don't be ridiculous!!! Council Clean Up is more like an entire suburb of free garage sales! We don't do that here and it makes me a little sad to think of all the fun I had driving around my old neighbourhood

  3. Love it. Some great finds. I think it is fabulous that peoples no longer wanted items can be of use to others.
    I used to love looking through council cleanup. Especially for kids items like toys.

  4. Isn't funny what our husbands worry about! A great score I reckon and I bet your daycare kids just LOVE being at your place!

  5. Some nice finds! I'm happy to pick stuff from the verge if it still works, and can use it. Good for the environment too!

  6. I am another who scavenges around during verge collection season - I've had some great wins too. It saves landfill too.

  7. I am jealous of that kitchen what great finds. One mans treasure and all that go find some more love it !

  8. I love it when I go to Perth. We have picked up bikes and household things! I was disappointed this trip to just see green waste out and about!

  9. My hubby is trash treasurer too! And my mum picked up a manky-looking toy kitchen off the curb once, it was full of sand as if it had been used as a sandpit toy. She took it home, scrubbed it clean and ten years on it is still a MASSIVE hit with all of my children!

  10. Score!
    We don't have council collections in our town, but if we did I would have my eyes on the lookout at everyones piles for sure. Gotta love a freebie. It would be like op shopping for free.
    My hubby wouldn't go into an op shop when he first met me, now he loves them lol.

  11. Fantastic finds Serena....especially the kitchen. How I would have loved to find these things for our little grandsons. It's like a circle, what one man needs no more another gratefully uses.....when our children were young I used to look in op shops for woollen knitted jumpers and such as I could sew but not knit. Then years later we moved to Sydney where there was no need for the thicker woollens, so it went to people who did need them. That is my circle :)
    From Alexa blogging at Alexa-asimplelife

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  13. Good for the environment too!


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