Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A wedding and a family photo

Just a lovely family photo we managed to capture at a wedding we were at over the weekend. This was the best shot we had of both kids looking a the camera (although we had a mini photo-bomber in the background).


We don’t have many family photos of all of us in the frame altogether at the same time. The last family photo we took was over five months ago.

Most of the time the photos we snap are of the kids, or with just one of us in the frame. I’m usually the one behind the camera 99% of the time. Not because I’m particularly camera shy, but I’m generally quicker at pulling out the lens to capture a moment before it disappears. Classic blogger attribute I suppose.

Here are some other lovely snapshots from the wedding we attended… the couple had pretty vintage theme for their wedding with flowers in mason jars and bottles, wooden, crates, doilies and various old style bits and pieces.


My parents happened to be in town visiting and were happy to babysit, so we were able to head out to the reception dinner later in the evening for a full-fledge adults only affair. I pulled together an outfit of a green shift dress, a string of pearls and my black & white peep-toe heels.

I snapped this while I was in the ladies at the hotel where the reception dinner was being held. I was just heading out the door when I caught sight of my image in the ginormous mirror they had in the hallway. I don’t have many occasions for getting all dressed up so this seemed to be an image worth capturing.


When was the last family photo you took together? Or the last photo you or someone snapped of you?
Do you sometimes wish you weren’t always the one behind the camera all the time?


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  1. You are looking FINE there girl - it's nice to see a photo of you :)

  2. That colour suits you! Looks like a beautiful wedding, gorgeous photos of you all xx

  3. I love the photo of Grace with daddy :) and yay for adult only time.

    Our last photo together was when we got a professional shoot done when she was 6 months old and professional photo shoots will probably be the only time we'll get a photo of all 3 of us together!

  4. photobombed! - sam

  5. Gorgeous pics. You look fab!


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