Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A great tip for encouraging kids to read by themselves

So as I was organising the different little ‘corners’ for my family day care, I came across one fantastic tip

“Collect all the books”


I used to have our children’s books stacked neatly on a shelf which I took out as needed to read with Nathan. However it was never really purposely set up as a dedicated reading corner.

Although Nathan loved reading books, it was always only together with me. He never really flipped through a whole book by himself without me sitting next to him.

As part of the family day care redecorating project, I had set up a dedicated reading corner with all the books collected together, comfy rugs, cushions and chairs for little ones.

And I was absolutely amazed at the unexpected results it brought about…


One afternoon, I caught sight of Nathan comfortably nestled amidst the books in our new reading corner, quietly poring over a book all by himself.


Since then, every so often he’ll head to this little nook by himself to spend some quiet time alone with a book.


I just love this new reading revolution our reading corner has brought about… long may it continue!


Do you have a reading corner in your home?
How do you instil a love of books in your little ones?

[UPDATE on our reading corner ten months down the track]


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  1. Reading is such a great thing for kids to love. It opens whole other worlds of creativity up for them.

  2. Wow you have just inspired me to get the 100s of books my books have neatly stacked in their room and spread them about! Thanks for sharing. Also thanks for all your lovely support and words last week when I was in hosp - he's home and on the mend xx

  3. Great! The reading bug has been caught!

  4. So cute! I've had reading corners on occasion but my girls never really used them, but now that it's just me and my little book worm I think I might create one as he's obsessed with reading.

  5. What a clever idea - I have one of those wooden dish racks to re-purpose too.

  6. I would really love to have a reading corner set up like this, filled with children books. I love children books I would buy all used one if I have the money , :)


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