Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Up and down, down and up

Some days,

We can bounce from this…



To this…


Up and down. Down and up. Sweet and sour. Good and bad. Laughter and tears. Happy and sad.

Things have been moving slowly but steadily in the family day care department. I encountered a few delays and glitches in the administrative side of things, but thankfully it’s all sorted out now.

The calls and enquiries have started trickling, mostly from parents just asking around. I’ve had to turn down a couple of really interested parents because I was not able to meet certain specific requirements they needed. But two families have pretty much confirmed their interest. Next step will be to arrange an introductory meeting and take it from there,

Hope you are having a nice day wherever you are.


Here are some nice bits and pieces I’ve picked up lately…

12 things family day care providers wish parents knew

8 birthing practices from waaaay back when

Smash Books, the new way to Un-scrapbook

5 simple ways to organise the play room

And also sometimes it doesn’t always pay to be an early adopter, otherwise you’d be left high and dry sitting on sad half-baked versions of…

The first computer mouse, which was essentially a wooden block on wheels.


The first electronic calculator, considered pretty lightweight at that time weighing 30 pounds.


And the world’s first microwave oven, measuring 6 feet tall and costing $5,000. It didn’t sell very well apparently. Can’t imagine why.



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  1. Aww the kids are so cute together. I hope we are lucky enough to get pregnant again so Hayley can have a sibling.

    And that microwave wow.

  2. NO WAY, what great treasures you have found! YAY for interested people but not yay for all the red tape you've had to jump through, I have everything crossed for you x

  3. Oh wow, those gadgets look so clunky, but they had to start somewhere I suppose! Gorgeous photos of the kids xx

  4. Gorgeous photos. So great you have had interest. Very exciting for you. Look forward to hearing more.

  5. Beautiful cherubs and I wish you all the best.
    Those SMASH books look perfect for me.
    Thanks for linking up.


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