Monday, February 17, 2014

Simple ways to cool off in the backyard in summer

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Given a choice, which season do you prefer: Summer or Winter? Do you prefer having to handle very very hot weather or being in very very cold weather?

I am totally a summer person. I say it’s much easier to cool off on a very hot day, than to rug up and try to muster up some heat to stay nice and warm in winter.

Summer is the perfect time to get the kids outside and active. If it’s especially hot day, I just slap on the sunscreen and throw some water into the mix.

Here are some simple water play ideas to to cool off in the backyard this summer…

Have a blast with a water gun fight
The boys got these for just a dollar each from Big W

Get artistic with water painting
Just water, a paintbrush and a blank concrete canvas



Give the toys a bath
Bring out a tub of water, throw in some toys



If you’re lucky enough to have a pool (or a friend who has one), then it’s a no brainer. Put on your swimsuit and just dive in! Mix things up and play some classic pool games like ‘marco polo’, pair up for a ‘chicken fight’ or hold a cannonball contest.

Just remember to make sure there’s an adult supervising at all times, check that your PH and chlorine levels are balanced so it’s safe and comfortable for kids to swim in. Click here to find everything you need to ensure your pool is in suitable condition.

What are your favourite ways to cool off in summer?


{All the contents of this post have been written personally by me
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  1. The children seem to be having a blast of a time with water play!

    1. Absolutely! Water is always a big hit... and they never care about the weather. Even on a cold/wet day, they would be up for water play just the same


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