Wednesday, February 19, 2014

One of my worst fears come true

My baby’s first innocence has been stolen away. By chocolate.

She unwittingly discovered her first taste of of it all on her own. Her big brother had accidentally left a piece of his foil wrapped chocolate from Valentine’s Day on the floor. No one else noticed it. No one except baby.

I found her under the table, quietly and happily chomping away at it… wrapper and all.

At only seven months old, this is considered a very very bad thing. I should have been crying but I ended up laughing instead. I couldn’t help it. Especially when I was met with such a look of pure bliss on her cute little chocolate-covered face.

“Guess what I found, mummy?”

(Snapshot taken from my Instagram @livingserenely)

What surprises have your little ones come up with recently? Did it make you laugh or cry (or both)?


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  1. So cute! I love chocolate too!

  2. She will never forget the heavenly taste of her first chocolate. sweet dreams

  3. Such a cute photo! She looks very pleased with herself indeed :)

  4. Too cute , no going back now.
    My niece was about 1 when her mum found a fully wrapped easter egg in her nappy ...covered in poo.

  5. Chocolate is not the worst thing she could have eaten. There are also ants... and worse.

  6. How could you be upset lol. Such a cute photo of her first taste of chocolate, it's not so bad xx

  7. Yep - she looks hooked! And how could we blame her?

  8. That is adorable, especially that she ate the paper! So glad you were able to capture her utter joy, she'll love seeing it as an adult! x

  9. Tried to find a way to contact you by email but couldn't. I loved your comment you left at my blog about your children and grandparents. Would love for you to write a guest post for me about their relationship and the importance of grandparents, if you so desire. I really enjoyed your blog and followed you on all your social media outlets (I don't do instagram but all the others). I just love getting to know bloggers from across the world and really hope you will consider guest posting for me! Email me at if interested! Blessings to you and yours!

    1. Hi Teresa. Wow, thank you. I would be happy to write a guest post for you. I'll drop you a line at your email and we can take it further from there. Thanks so much for reaching out and making the connection!

  10. Oh that's adorable, she's very cute and obviously enjoyed it


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