Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The smell of fireworks – Australia Day 2014

Happy Tuesday peeps! How was your Australia Day long weekend?

Proud to be Australian!

We had a busy and fun weekend, then we kicked back for a chill Monday, just lazing around at home, sleeping in and recovering from all the Australia Day excitement.

City of Perth Australia Day Celebrations

On Sunday we headed into the city to watch the Perth Skyworks fireworks show. There was a big carnival atmosphere in Langley Park by the river front, with street food vendors, entertainment, games and bouncy castles for the kids.

Because it’s summer

We found a picnic spot, laid out our picnic mat, kicked back with some food and snacks and just soaked up the sunshine and revelry all around us.

Enjoying our Australia Day in classic picnic style

Nathan really enjoyed watching the air show of airplanes, sky writers, fighter jets, helicopters and skydivers.

Watching the Perth Australia Day Air Show

But he was absolutely blown away by the big highlight of the night. This was the very first time in his life he saw fireworks… he was completely captivated by the bright, dazzling, sparkling fire lighting up the night sky.

Completely captivated by the fireworks display

Each firework display kept getting bigger and more beautiful than the previous one, I was tempted to keep snapping away on my camera.

Happy Australia Day!

But then I realised that the beauty of fireworks can never be fully captured on camera. A camera can’t capture the second when the whole sky suddenly lights up with each burst of flare; it cannot capture the smell of fire and smoke in the air; nor can it capture the cheers of the crowd and the vibe and excitement all around.

So after a snapping a few shots, I put down the camera and just looked, and smelled, and just simply ‘be’ in the moment.

Do you like the smell of fireworks? How did you spend your Australia Day this year?


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  1. I love the smell of fireworks. I love the atmosphere of a show too. It's been forever since I've seen fireworks though :( I'm going to take the kids to the show this year, just so they can see the fireworks!

    Looks like your family had and awesome day, such a beautiful spot you found.

    MC xo

  2. We watched them from Kings Park.
    Not a spot of green grass left anywhere at 8pm. But for all the crowds everyone was in good spirits and no bad behaviour to be seen.
    A great family night out.

  3. Your images are beautiful! I love that you can see the smoke around the fireworks. Yes, sometimes it is best to take a couple of shots and then just soak it all in with your own senses. Lovely post!

  4. Wow you can't capture that awesome gunpowder smell but you got the fireworks NAILED! Great shots :)

  5. Aren't fireworks just the best? Glad you had a great day :)

  6. I think you did a pretty brilliant job of capturing those fireworks with your camera great pictures. I wish that we did this it looked like such a lovely evening out. So special. Thank you for sharing.


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