Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Photos of our Christmas holiday in Sabah

Over the Christmas and New Year holidays, we spent the time back in my hometown in Sabah, Malaysia. We had a really idyllic and relaxing break just spending some quality time with close family. The cool rainy monsoon season was also a nice refreshing change from the burning summer heat in Perth.

The children had a wonderful time just playing in the spacious compound,


Hanging out with grandpa and grandma,


And enjoying their Christmas presents.


The boys played in the rain,


We hung out at the beach,


Although Grace could only be a spectator for now,


And we let the kids stay up late to watch the musical fountain at Perdana Park.


We visited the local zoo…


Nathan had a great time spotting elephants, monkeys, orang utans…


And of course tigers –his Chinese zodiac sign


And Grace reached some major milestones during this trip…

She started learning how to pivot, lunge and inch forward to reach for objects,


She can sit up on her own unassisted (for a few seconds at a time),


And we started her on solids for the first time,


My mum has been enjoying herself tremendously watching Grace gobble up her pumpkin, sweet potato, papaya, watermelon and all sorts of yummy fruits and vegies.

Hubby’s parents also flew over from KL to spend Christmas with us. So the kids had double the attention and spoiling from both sets of grandparents

The two grandpas…


All four doting grandparents…


The other major highlight we enjoyed was the FOOD. Nothing beats Malaysian food. Especially the local dishes in my home state, Sabah (IMHO). But I’ll save that for another post as there are too many to share in one go.

We had a really wonderful time just chilling out and spending time with family. But it’s also really, really great to be back home in Australia.

Hope you all had a terrific start to the new year!


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  1. How wonderful for all the family that you could all be together for the New Year holidays. I've never been to Malaysia, but I would love to. Your photos are great, Serene - I really admire how well you compose them. Sounds like Grace has been trying out some very tasty and healthy food too!

  2. Love the photo of the grandparents together-such a lovely shot. I also like the one of the boys playing soccer in the rain xx

  3. The boys playing soccer in the rain is a great shot, as is the close up of Grace, she's so cute!

  4. What beautiful children you have and a close family - isn't it great to have grandparents in our children's lives?

  5. Beautiful series of photos , so colourful and bright too.

  6. Thank you for that little trip to Sabah I loved it. So special all four grandparents could be there. Grace is coming on in leaps and bounds. Really great photos Serene :). That tiger is incredible.

  7. Oh my goodness! Those photos are just gorgeous. What a lovely little family you have. I especially love the playing in the rain one. I'm glad you were able to enjoy the time you spent with your family in your hometown.

  8. Looks like a wonderful get together with family and a great holiday. So great to see snippets of your home town in Malaysia too, very interesting :)


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