Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Nine years

Where we were nine years ago…

And where we are now nine years later…

DSC04478 (1280x851)

A marriage motto:
We are a work in progress
with a lifetime contract

{Phyllis Koss}

We’re still a work in progress, but happy to be working alongside you…

Happy Anniversary, honey!


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P.S. On how we first met. A smashing love poem. And is it okay to go to bed angry?


  1. Happy Anniversary! What lovely family photos!

  2. Happy Anniversary! What an amazing journey you've already have. It will be interesting to see your photo in another 9 years!

  3. Happy anniversary. Beautiful pictures and I love that marriage motto.

  4. Happy anniversary! Your baby is just gorgeous and such a handsome older brother too!

  5. Now I love that saying - might have to put on our fridge! Happy anniversary, you were a stunning bride!

  6. Happy Anniversary! And what an awesome marriage motto, I may have to adopt that for Dave and I!

  7. Happy Anniversary. You all look very happy!!

  8. Happy Anniversary! I really love your marriage motto.

  9. Happy anniversary! They are both fabulous photos :)

  10. Happy Anniversary - good things are worth working at.

  11. Wow Happy Anniversary. Hope you had a lovely day, with you're gorgeous family.

  12. Blessed anniversary, wow 9 years, not sure if you know chinese but "chang chang jiu (9) jiu (9)" Heh may the years ahead be filled with even more love and blessings than the ones before. ;)

  13. Happy anniversary! Love and blessings for the next 9 years and beyond :)

  14. Beautiful words , you have a beautiful ,blessed family.


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