Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How do you know it’s time for a new refrigerator?

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With Christmas season just around the corner, I’m sure we’re all getting geared up for all the merry-making and festivities.

As you know this year, we’re spending Christmas at my parents house. I love being back home, I feel like a little girl again enjoying my mum’s home cooking and raiding her fridge for goodies any time of the day.

Some time ago, my parents had given away our old 16 year old family fridge. They now have this sleek and shiny LG fridge sitting prettily in their kitchen housing all their yummy eats.

Having a drink in Grandma’s kitchen

I asked my mum about the old fridge and how it was doing with its new owners. Apparently it’s still in pretty good condition and chugging happily away. Apart from replacing the rubber seal around the door, they haven’t had any major issues with it. So investing in a good quality fridge to begin with does make a difference.

The average life expectancy of a standard fridge is said to be around fourteen to seventeen years, but it can also start fritzing long before its untimely death. Ignoring the problems can cost you hundreds of dollars in spoilt food and beverages as well as a full weekend cleaning up this smelly mess. Here are the tell-tale signs that it’s time to replace your fridge…

It Makes Weird Noises
Besides keeping you up at night, the loud sounds emitting for your fridge could be a sign that reach-in compressor is working overtime. Watch out for loud rattling noises as there have been many cases where refrigerators have combusted because they were left for too long.

Your Food Doesn’t Last
Is that tub of yoghurt you bought yesterday is already starting to look like cottage cheese? Food that tends to spoil, or fails to cool signifies that the fridge is struggling to maintain its core temperature. Many issues that can attribute to this including coolant leaks, broken compressor fans and a faulty internal thermometer.

You Have to Defrost the Freezer Compartment Manually
Most freezers have the ability to automatically defrost themselves, but if the ice built up in your box is taking up more space that the food you have to fit in it, it’s a good indicator that you need to replace your fridge. Considering that refrigerator technologies have advanced significantly since the days that it was necessary to manually defrost your freezer, if you are still doing this – my friend, you and the fridge are working way too hard. Save your sanity and get a new LG refrigerator already. 

The Motor is Running All the Time
Refrigerators units all have an on-off timer built in that allows the motor to run at the bare minimum to maintain the inside temperature. Obviously, it’s going to work a little harder when you open and close the fridge, but if you hear it churning away when you’re not even close to it, or you suspect that it’s running more than normal, it’s time to start flipping through the department store catalogue. 

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  1. should have read this yesterday, but we were knee deep in emptying a broken down fridge!

    1. Oh dear! And such an inconvenient time during this festive season. Hope you manage to sort out that fridge before Christmas! Either way, have merry Christmas!


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