Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Family day care WIP: a sneak peak

Phew… so as you can imagine, my days are currently chock full with paperwork and preparations for this new venture of starting my own family day care.

Here’s a quick glimpse of one of the play areas I’m currently setting up in my home...


There’s still a number of things on my list to do, but I’m happily humming away like a busy bee.

In the meantime, here are some great links I’ve stowed away in my treasure box to share with you folks...

A fascinating read about using babies to fight bullying {I found the story about Darren the bully especially tear-jerking}

Do read this if you’ve ever felt embarrassed in church while you were hushing your baby’s cries or your toddler’s excited chatter

And these hilarious vintage computer ads totally made me LOL… Can you imagine, $3,398 for a 10MB hard disk! Here are some of my favourites...

Hilarious and Awesome Computer Ads from the Golden Age of PCs Hilarious and Awesome Computer Ads from the Golden Age of PCsHilarious and Awesome Computer Ads from the Golden Age of PCs Hilarious and Awesome Computer Ads from the Golden Age of PCs

{I am an avid collector and curator of all sorts of linky treasures, I aim to share a few little treasures here every month}

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  1. love the bright colours.. great rug too!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. the play area looks great and those ads are scary! $3398 was a crap load of money back then (still is NOW to many - me included!). How funny!

  3. These are awesome and I love seeing old adverts etc. Isn't that a HUGE amount of money -especially back then! Thanks for sharing x

  4. That it is a wonderful looking play area! I also love the ads, I can remember using Lotus 123!

  5. Hard to believe those clunky old computer were so expensive!! Good luck with your daycare preparations :)

  6. If i stay in Aus, I'll send my baby to u, to have a few hrs for me to breathe :)

  7. Good luck with setting up your family day care. Looks like the kids who come will be blessed with awesome creative spaces! Those vintage ads are great, talk about a different time and place!


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