Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: What’s on my fridge

Today I’m linking up to a couple of parties to show you a brief glimpse at my kitchen…


Apparently what we put on our fridge says a lot about us… here’s a look at mine


As you can see it’s very minimalist. We’re not big on magnets. All mostly very practical stuff. Just a couple of special photo moments, a recipe I’ve jotted down to try, some forms and bills to settle, emergency phone numbers and of course some lovely artwork on display…

  • The photos are one of me and hubby during our pre-wedding photo shoot and the other one is taken with my family during a visit back to see them in Malaysia
  • The handprint art is a Father’s Day card Nathan had made for his daddy at daycare.
  • The little lobster is a souvenir gift from my ex-colleague from Seattle
  • The yellow paper is my mum’s recipe for Mee Tomato which I am still trying to perfect
  • The purple form is Grace’s passport application for an upcoming trip back to Malaysia

What’s on yours?


Linking up to Ai Sakura’s Wordless Wednesday and Mama J’s A Look At My series


  1. I like the art work - very colourful hand.

    1. Credits to the little artist in my household! :)

  2. I like the neat look of your fridge. :)
    We have lots of magnets, a few photos, and current crafty things my kids have made (just a few, though). I have a separate memo board in the kitchen which holds recipes and coupons, etc.

    1. Thanks atlantamom! What some call it neat, others might call it plain ^_^
      Having a separate memo board is a good idea too. I'm constantly battling agaisnt a built up of recipes, reminders, messages, receipts on my fridge. So a separate place to put all this stuff would be good


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