Monday, October 07, 2013

How to score some cake

So operation toilet training has been going really well at our household. The whole process has been pretty labour-intensive but also interspersed with plenty of light-hearted and funny moments which has helped ease things along.

Here’s one recent funny episode: Hubs was sneaking in a quick snack of cake before dinner. He was promptly caught by our little man who has a very sensitive radar for these sorts of treats. Here is the conversation that followed…

[I should mention that whenever Nathan initiates doing a pee or poo by himself without any prompting, he can claim a little treat in the form of a small chocolate chip]
Nathan: Daddy! Daddy! Can I have some cake?
Daddy: Erm… no, you already had a chocolate chip just now. 
[Nathan then runs over to his potty and squeezes out a few drops of precious pee] 
Nathan: I did a pee! I can have some chocolate, yes? *innocent face
[Hubby and me burst out laughing at this point. I start moving towards the jar of chocolate treats. But Nathan had his plan all laid out already…] 
Nathan: *With a cheeky grin* Wait! I don’t want chocolate. How about cake?
He got his wish. We just couldn’t resist such cleverness, cunning and cheekiness.

That’s my cheeky little man!

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  1. Haha, well at least it's working. Potty training was quite a pain for us as Sophie developed a fear to poo in the potty and caused her constipation.

    1. Oh dear! Must be quite a phobia that she would rather hold it in resulting in constipation than release it. I'm guessing you guys are past all that now.


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