Thursday, October 17, 2013

Helping in the kitchen

When Nathan started showing interest in what I was doing the kitchen, I started trying to think of ways I could include him in my cooking activities. Hubby does not cook, so I handle ALL the cooking in the household alone. So it would be nice to train up a little helper to accompany me in the kitchen.
Initially I didn’t think there was much he could do. But at a moment of inspiration, I thought of letting him begin with helping to prepare his own simple snacks for morning/afternoon tea.
Helping to peel bananas for afternoon tea
I sliced up some bananas with the skin on. Then I let Nathan peel the skins off by himself and place them into a bowl. It’s such a simple little activity, but he absolutely enjoyed it.
The bananas must have tasted extra yummy that morning simply because he helped to prepare them.
It’s never too early to start learning to help out in the kitchen.
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  1. I agree, Serene. Never too early to start a good habit. What a valuable little lesson for Nathan! :)

    1. Thanks, June. Yes, it's one I hope to keep up even though it may slow me down in the kitchen at first :)

  2. Great first thing to get him started on Serene. My kids love helping out in the kitchen as well and my five year old thinks shelling hard boiled eggs is the best fun :-). I make sure when I do get them helping out its during a period when there is no rush for time, so I've got plenty of patience and it doesn't matter so much if we end up making a big mess. Cracking the eggs into a cake recipe is another thing they love doing.

    1. Hi Lynda! Yup, you are right, definitely choose a time when there is no rush, Otherwise things will likely take a dramatic turn


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