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What's in my bag (Take 2)

This morning as I was tossing some stuff into my bag, it occurred to me that my bag seems less packed with two children compared to two years ago when I just had the one baby.

I think at that time as a new mum, I was prone to over-packing in wanting to be prepared for anything and everything. But over the past two years, I've learnt dial-down on the over-preparedness so I can travel light since I now have two little ones in tow.

Here's a peek into what I carry around in my bag these days...

  • Two cloth nappies (I like to include at least one Bitti Tutto or Ecobumba nappy which can be adjusted to use on either Grace or Nathan)
  • Wet wipes (I use my cloth wipes at home)
  • Wet bag for soiled nappies
  • Spare 'sposie diaper for Grace
  • Small box of biscuits/snacks
  • Water bottle for Nathan
  • Baby sling for carrying Grace
  • Compact fold-up tote (as some retailers now have a plastic-bag-free policy, plus it folds up into a cute little lady-bug which serves as distraction item for the kids if required)
  • Wallet
  • Phone
  • Lip gloss

Things I've learnt to do without...
  • Nursing cover - I'm no longer nervous about nursing when out and about, and am more skilled with latching on baby so I don't really worry about accidentally 'flashing' someone when popping bub on... and even if it happens and I get a horrified look from someone, nowadays I'm just "meh, why were you staring at my boob in the first place?"
  • Changing pad - Most restaurants and shopping centres have change tables, and if I need something to protect a surface (like in the car) I just use the baby sling
  • Spare change of clothing for kids - I'm more relaxed about little messes nowadays, and that stain can always wait until we get home (if we're planning to be out for a more extended trip outside, I might keep a spare T-shirt and shorts in the car)
  • Toys - I discovered that kids are never really interested in their own toys when out and about anyway... a fork in a restaurant is somehow so much more interesting for some reason
  • Camera - Unless it's a special outing to somewhere different, I usually make do with my phone camera to capture any impromptu moments if we're just out at the shops or running errands

What about you? What do you carry around in your bag these days and how has it changed over the years?


  1. I was definitely an over-packer when the kids were babies! These days my bag is full of mama stuff, and little bit of snacks for the boys. And a bottle of water, always!

    Not having to deal with diapers anymore is amazing, no matter how cute cloth bums can be ;D

    1. Yup, I imagine my load will get lighter as the kids get older. Nappies do take up space... I'm still working on the toilet training to see if I can cut it down by half at least! In the meantime, I rely on the cuteness of the cloth nappies to ease the burden, hehehe ^_^


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