Monday, August 19, 2013


I suspect I might have a serious case of Folliculaphilia.
Folliculaphilia \ fol-i-kuh-la-fil-ee-uh \ verb
A person who is only attracted to men with a moustache 
I don't know about you, but I've really been digging the current trend in Hollywood of male celebrities sporting beards these days.

Hubs always gets a heavy five o'clock shadow every second day. On weekends, by Sunday night he'd be looking absolutely grizzly. One day on a whim, I told him he should try to tidy up his weekend scruff so it still looks casually neat.

As expected, he didn't want to bother with it at first... so I might have thrown in some bedroom promises to seal the deal... maybe, the details are all somewhat hazy now.

I even googled different beard styles and how-tos so we could select which one to go for, and shared a few giggles over a few wacky facial hair styles. But in the end, he got the razor and clippers out to fulfil his end of the deal.

It's weird. I never thought I'd be someone who likes the beardy look. In fact, when hubs made his first debut in public with his new look, the guys were all "Awesome!" but the girls were all "Errrmmm...". They were even more surprised when they found out it was my idea.

Maybe it's an age thing... just liking men to look like men. Or the subtle influence of what the big shots in Hollywood are doing. Or simply seeing my other half in a different perspective. Whatever it is I must say, I'm loving this look on my man.

What about you? Are for beards or do you find them a big turn-off?
If you're not yet convinced, here's a great illustration about how a little facial hair makes all the difference!
Better with a mustaches


  1. Replies
    1. Hugh Jackman and almost every other male hollywood celebrity at the moment!

  2. haha min is spot on - that's why this is a good look! i have a thing for strong dark eyebrows.. maybe there's a name for that?

    1. Strong dark eyebrows? Very unusual... any real life examples to share?


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