Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Here we go again!

One awesome thing about being part of a network of mums, whether it's a mothers group or your own personal network of friends, is being able to swap and exchange baby stuff with one another! You can definitely save heaps of money by doing so.

Anyway not long after we found out we were having a girl, a fellow-mummy friend just learnt she was having a baby boy. The fantastic thing is, as she had a girl the first time round, she could pass me her little girl's old baby clothes. And in exchange, I could pass her Nathan's old baby clothes. So tadaa! One less thing to worry about.

Plus my friend has awesome taste, so my baby girl has a beautiful set of lovely outfits waiting for her when she pops out.

DSC03793(Baby girl clothes for #2!)

As I was sorting through the clothes my friend passed on to me, I was hit with a deja vu moment... It seemed just not long ago, when I was sorting through baby blue outfits and contemplating the new normal.

(Sorting through Nathan’s baby clothes back in 2010)

As the roller coaster cart rolls to the top of the hill and I brace myself for the plunge, these four little words flash through my mind: "Here we go again!"

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  1. Enjoy every moment of it. All too soon they grow up and there,s nothing you can do to bring it.back - except to wait to be grandma


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