Monday, May 27, 2013

10 things to look forward to when baby pops out

I’m now entering the final month of my pregnancy. It’s been a long journey and I can definitely feel the effects of gravity on my body. Most of my spare hours these past few weeks have been spent in bed… not necessarily sleeping, but just lying down. The weight of my belly is really pushing down hard on me pelvis, back and legs, as well as upwards against my chest and lungs.

I’m hoping for a last burst of energy to finish off some of my baby sewing projects still outstanding and other final nesting things like house cleaning, packing my hospital bag and putting the final touches to baby’s room.

Until then, I’m spending my spare hours resting my tired, stretched body and dreaming about all the lovely things to look forward to when baby arrives…


10 things I am looking forward to when baby pops out

Being able to utilize the remaining 90% of my wardrobe again

Not having my bladder being used as a squeeze toy all day long

Having my mum here to cook and look after us

Being able to give proper, close, tight hugs again

Indulging in a big plate of sashimi

Enjoying that celebratory glass of champagne

Babywearing a little one again

Sniffing that heavenly new baby smell

Having a little girl to dress up in pretty things

Finally being able to meet and welcome this little person into the world and our family



  1. Haha the little one's aunty here in very excited too!

  2. looking forward to the baby's arrival... and in the meantime you take good care!!

  3. Thanks for sharing the excitement, girls! Yup, taking it slow and easy these last few weeks… not much choice anyway as I am now officially a slow-moving-object.

  4. Im looking forward to most of these things too. Im having a girl and due in 7 weeks.

    1. Hi Toni! Wow... so close! Will pop by your blog and see how you're doing with your little one when she arrives. Exciting times indeed!


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