Monday, April 08, 2013

What’s been on my mind

So talking about this pregnancy, here are some common questions I often ponder over…

Is the sleeping arrangement going to work well?
I spent hours picturing what the family dynamics, daily routines, household activities and everyday sounds would be like to figure out which room to use as the new nursery. It mustn’t be too close to Nathan’s bedroom or the main living area, but would choosing a room right at the back be too isolating for baby? There’s also the night feeds to consider and the proximity to the bathroom and guest rooms etc.

What would baby’s habits and personality be like?
Would she/she be easy-going like big brother? Or would I be stepping into completely new territory? Would I be able to apply all the tricks and routines we learnt the first time round? Or would I have to unlearn everything and start all over?

How would Nathan respond to the new baby?
This is probably the biggest question I ask myself all the time. Of course I know I cannot expect everything to be a bed of roses immediately or all the time. But there will be plenty of adjustments and I truly hope I can have the wisdom to navigate through the challenges.


On the practical side of the preparation, the nursery still looks like this…


I guess the nesting instinct hasn’t kicked in yet. But I’m still pretty confident that there’s plenty of time still. In the meantime, I’m spending all my spare hours as much as possible in bed.

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