Saturday, April 06, 2013

Baby movements… the sequel

DSC03617A parting shot of my tippy toes: "Farewell tosie posies, see you in three months!"

In my last post, I mentioned that baby’s movements seem stronger and more apparent compared to the first time round. Hubby says it might be an indication of a fiery personality… well, we can only wait and see.

Here are some observations of this baby’s dance moves in my belly…

Flipping and rolling is a lot more apparent this time round. Maybe it’s due to everything being ‘looser’ and more flexible. At each check-up and scan, baby is always in a complete different position. Sometimes sideways, sometimes pressing outward against my belly, and sometimes completely upside down with his/her head pushing down on my bladder and pelvic bone.

This little one can really throw some hard kicks and punches. Sometimes I feel like I’m having a mini earthquake in there as my whole belly quivers with activity. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I get the feeling that this little one gets very excited when he/she hears big brother’s happy squeals and laughter nearby. Perhaps children just naturally respond to the sound of other children’s laughter and play.

Spasmic fetal hiccups are not as apparent with this one. With Nathan, I distinctly remember experiencing series of rhythmic spasms for a minute or two every now and then. With this one, the spasms are more sudden and once off. Maybe like a sneeze?

One funny movement I feel is whenever I turn over in bed, I’ll suddenly feel a series of little kicks and spasms inside me. I picture baby who has probably settled down to a comfortable position being flipped over and is frantically waving and kicking its tiny arms and feet going “Aarrrgghh… mummy! mummy! what’s happening???”. Anyway this are the sorts of images I amuse myself with when I’m thinking about baby.

The fetal movements seem to be more apparent when I’m sitting still or lying down. Perhaps it’s because when I’m not moving about, I’d likely notice the movements more. But my feeling is that this baby finds the swaying and rocking from walking about soothing. I am definitely looking to have a little one to babywear again.


  1. should plant some trees up that hill.

    1. Haiyo… I’ve got enough already going on ‘under’ the hill without stuff growing on top of it!


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