Thursday, February 07, 2013

Slow down mummy


I was just thinking back to an episode at our household a few weeks ago. We were all rushing to get ready to go out somewhere after dinner. Hubs and I were running around, clearing the table, washing dishes and packing things up. Nathan was parked aside with some toys to amuse himself while we got ready.

Then I remember in the midst of all that activity, Nathan toddled up to me with a story book and said “Read book?”.

I paused, took the book from his hand and hesitated a moment.

Then right at that same moment, hubs yelled out from the other room reminding me to hurry up. So I quickly handed Nathan back the book and told him “Later, mummy is busy now”.

How the bitter taste of those too often spoken words sting in my mouth now.

Later in the evening after Nathan was tucked up in bed and hubs and I were finally collapsed onto the couch for a breather. We talked over what had happened earlier that day and wondered what all the busy-ness and rush was all about anyway.

After all, dishes and dusting can wait: You will never have this day with your children again. Tomorrow, they'll be a little older than they were today.

Here is a poem I read today that made me stop to think about this moment…

Slow Down Mummy
by Rebekah Knight

Slow down mummy, there is no need to rush,
Slow down mummy, what is all the fuss?
Slow down mummy, make yourself a cup of tea.
Slow down mummy, come and spend some time with me.

Slow down mummy, let’s put our boots on and go out for a walk,
Let’s kick at piles of leaves, and smile and laugh and talk.
Slow down mummy, you look ever so tired,
Come sit and snuggle under the duvet and rest with me a while.

Slow down mummy, those dirty dishes can wait,
Slow down mummy, lets have some fun, lets bake a cake!
Slow down mummy I know you work a lot,
But sometimes mummy, its nice when you just stop.

Sit with us a minute,
And listen to our day,
Spend a cherished moment,
Because our childhood is not here to stay!


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