Wednesday, January 09, 2013

And then there were two

If you haven’t guessed, here’s the reason why I’ve been so MIA lately…


My pregnancy journey this time around has been quite different from my first one… with the full on cocktail of morning sickness, nausea, food aversions, smell aversions, bloating, tiredness. But thankfully things are starting to get a little better as I emerge from the first trimester. Hope to get into the full swing of things once I feel more like myself again.

Hope you all had a great start to the new year!


  1. Congrats!

    Morning sickness is a monster :( Hope u get over it soon! More snacks instead of eating full meals, this will prevent any bloatedness or nauseousness.

  2. Congrats dear! What a special year it's going to be for you! Praying that all goes smoothly and that you will truly enjoy the pregnancy, delivery and second-time mumhood experience!

  3. Hie Serene,

    Hope you are coping fine. Morning sickness is a drag, but on the other hand you know ur lil bub is doing fine inside the tummy. :)

    Anyway, received your goodie last week. Didnt have time to notify you because it has been chaotic at my side dealing with my 2 sick kiddos.

    Thanks so much.


    1. Hi Shu-Yin, yup I try to look at the fact that the morning sickness means bub must be thriving.

      Good to know the package arrived safely... enjoy!

      Hope things are better now in your household... I totally understand how things are dealing with sick kiddos

  4. This is good news. Congrats Serene. Do rest well and hope the morning sickness eases up soon.

  5. Thanks for all the well wishes everyone! It's been quite a challenging couple of months. But hopefully when things ease up I can back into the mainstream of things again


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