Monday, November 19, 2012

You have to believe in him

Just sharing a thought on this Monday that came out of a conversation with my friend Pegs on Facebook following this photo post.

Photo Caption: “When the toddler helps with hanging up laundry”

Pegs: Wow! Very enthusiastic!
Me: Yes! *LOL* I hope the enthusiasm to help me keeps up all the way to when he is able to REALLY help
Pegs: He will. You have to believe in him! ;)

Such a simple and significant thought. Believe in our children. No matter how the day went or if things don’t seem to be progressing exactly the way you think they should. I must remember to believe in my little boy. Someday he can and he will!


  1. Yes, these kids know more stuff than you can ever imagine. Let them try things their way, they'll come up with imaginative ways to do them.

  2. Oh yes. I find that kids can teach us a lot of things about ourselves too if we're willing to stoop down and look at the world through their eyes.


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