Monday, November 26, 2012

Stories of Long Ago

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. It’s been a tough past couple of weeks. Will update more on that another time.

My mother reminiscing over good old says with her sister and her childhood friend

I always enjoy hearing the stories of my parents from their days of long, long ago.

When I was little I remember cuddling down in bed and listening to my mother or father telling stories from their childhood.

Now I find myself prompting them to tell those stories again. Maybe because I realise that one day they will no longer be around to remember.

Unfortunately due to distance, there is limited opportunity for me to sit down next to them to hear those stories.

But I was recently struck with a sudden inspiration. Why not collaborate with my parents to tell those stories right here? Someday I will be telling them to me children, and what better way to keep a record of them in written word.

So every first week of the month, I shall be recounting stories I remember my mother and father telling me of their childhood based on what I remember hearing from my perspective.

In turn, my parents have both agreed to retell the same story from their own first hand perspective on their own blog spaces they have created and link up with each other.

I’m really excited about this project. We’ll be kick starting the series in December with the first story going live next Monday. So stay tuned on this space every first week of each month for this series on…



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  1. Exciting! I love hearing my parents' stories as well ;)


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