Thursday, October 25, 2012

Let the children play

One of the most amazing things I find about children is their innate ability to play.

They don’t necessarily need a lot of sophisticated toys. Children can turn pretty much anything into a toy or create a whole play scenario from just one or two simple items.

So this month, I observed and collected some evidence of play scenarios created by me and my little man with just a couple of basic household items.

Simple Water Play
With just a few plastic containers filled with some water, my little one was fully engrossed in scooping, pouring and watching the water stream and trickle out from one container to another


Magic Cubby House
An ordinary picnic blanket draped over some furniture can magically transform ordinary items into an instant cubby house for little people to crawl under and be in their own little world


Pretend Cooking
An old pot and a basic utensil can transform any kid into an instant chef – Lego blocks and little knick-knacks become yummy stews, casseroles and a myriad of other dishes


Just mummy and me
And even with nothing else but just mummy and me, we can have the best time in the whole wide world just singing and talking and laughing and just being silly together



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  1. Yes, mine love crawling under tables which are their 'house' with all the soft toys to shelter under!

    1. LOL! How cute! isn't it just amazing to see the wonder of kids in their own magical world which they can enter with their own imagination

  2. Agree. Was having some sort of water play with my 20-month old toddler yesterday. A pail of water with some colourful flowers and leaves could keep her occupied for 30minutes. Pretty amazing, isn't it?

    1. Hi Apple! Ah... our kids are almost the same age! Nathan turns 2 in December :)

      30 minutes occupation is awesome! Even 15 minutes is considered a bonus for me. And yes, good idea to mix things up by throwing in other items like little flowers and leaves for them to 'stir' the brew together! LOL

  3. The only thing that limits their play is their imagination. We have so much to learn from our kids :) Thanks for linking up.

    1. Thanks for this great series... it's been really a great journey to remember to pause and just 'celebrate' our little ones for everything they are

  4. Yes! My Sophia can giggle hysterically when reading a book or just playing with my dad's mustache. Everything is fun and amusing to them.

    1. Hello Elaine! Sounds like Sophia is a cheeky girl always ready to find any reason to laugh! Really brings out the joy in my life to watch them being able to find smiles and laughter in simple everyday things doesn't it?


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