Friday, October 26, 2012

Homemade Lavender Tea

I’m not really much of a gardener. I leave almost all the planting, weeding, pruning and watering to my man. But the one section I do love most in our garden is our lavender plot.


There is just something so therapeutic and soothing about the scent of lavender. Sometimes when I need a quick pick-me-up, I head out and pluck a couple of stalks, rub them in my palm and breathe in the scent.

Another lovely way I use my lavender is to make my own  Lavender Tea

After harvesting the lavender, I wash the flowers in water and lay them out on a clean towel to dry (usually 2-3 days in good warm weather)


Once they are completely dried, I pick the flowers off the stems and strip the tiny blossoms off


Then I mix them together with some good quality black loose-leaf tea leaves – approximate 1:1 ratio. If you don’t want to add the black tea, you can also enjoy the lavender tea just plain as it is


To enjoy, simply scoop a couple of teaspoons into a tea ball or an infuser, pour in some hot water and let it steep for a minute or so.


The effect you get is a whiff of lavender with each sip – not too overpowering


These would also make lovely gifts sewn up in some small muslin bags in little tea sachets

Apart from lavender, you can also try this method with other herbs like mint or basil.

Happy Friday!


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    Are you staying in Singapore???
    I failed to keep my pot of lavender alive :( it dried up and died after couple of months. So sad...

    1. Hi DinoMama... we're in Perth, Australia. But I understand that lavender theoretically can grow anywhere. However they need lots of sunlight and no overwatering. I killed one of my lavender bushes due to overwatering... apparently blackening/browning of lavender could due to overwatering or overhumidity rather than the opposite. Alternatively you can try making herb tea from other options like mint or basil :)

    2. Ours were out in the sun (ok maybe too hot?) and we only water it once a day.

      I seriously think I have to paint my hands all green so that my plants will not die in them wahahah~

    3. No idea... it sounds like the right theoretical conditions. I recently gave my mum a present of a lavender planting kit, so I'll see how she goes with that. She is an avid garderner so maybe she can narrow down the secret to growing lavender in tropical climate.

  2. Lovely! I never seemed to keep any plant alive, not even those that meant for growing indoors!

    1. Hi sweetday! I'm actually the same as you. Credit to the garden goes to my hubby and my mum who does an intensive treatment to the garden every time she visits. I just have the privilege of enjoying the fruits of their labour!

  3. I think we have lavender in our garden. The bees love it. I might have to try this tea recipe out.

    1. The bees are always all over our lavender too! If you're a fan of lavender you should like this tea. You can also just steep the lavender just as it is in hot water for decaf version


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