Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Distraction object regret

Have you ever given something to your child or let them take an object that you later regretted?

Perhaps your wallet or phone? Or maybe *gasp* a permanent marker?

Well last week, Nathan was hanging out with me in the bathroom while I was getting ready to go out. He was fussing around impatiently, so I opened one of the cupboards and let him grab a bottle of sunscreen to distract him so I could quickly finish getting ready.

Five minutes later, I realised that the room was filled with uncanny silence. Hmmm… what was my little one up to? Then in that split second this quote flashed through my mind as I hurried over to the adjoining room…

…And laid eyes on this sight


He was evidently having a huge gala time with that bottle of sunscreen as our bed sheets were literally COVERED in one big gloopy mess.


Globs of sunscreen smeared everywhere! WHAT was I thinking to let him take it? *smack forehead*

More laundry… hooray { –__– }


  1. Oh dear... no wonder the silence! But looks like he had fun, haha!

    1. He was DEFINITELY having fun... not so much for me, though!

  2. Yes, been that and done that ! Boy, as my mummy, I never learnt my lessons. My boys have poured newly opened Shower Gel / Bubble Bath into their little make-do "bath tub" and finished up one full bottle in one shower !

    I gave them a brand new bottle of shower gel and let them pressed and played, they decided its too slow so they opened up the lid and poured the bath gel in.

    This has happened not once but few times over few years with my older two boys !

    Now, my boys are 16 amd 14 years, I punish them by not buying them Shower Gel when it runs out !

    1. Aiyo! They must be having a really big bubble party in the bathroom. Maybe that day you were wondering why their bath time like taking longer than usual... and then later the truth is REVEALED!


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